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My Ripple Effect...

My ripple effect…

The idea of the “ripple effect” has been brewing in my mind for the past month, after spending a wonderful week with some inspiring people. I discovered I have this over powering belief for “world peace” and over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking on how I can create this. World Peace is a massive statement - I started thinking on how to break this down, into small steps…looking at what I can do.

I diffidently haven’t learnt how to control world leaders, or the politics of oil and wealth around the world, or how to get everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness.

However I decided I would work on what I can control –my actions, my words, my thoughts and feelings.

I started contemplating what I was putting into the world. I also thought about how I am inspiring others and leading others to inspire the world and to for-full my ripple on the world.

Sometimes you need to look within yourself and find out what you really want – those core values and beliefs that drive you.

Everything you do or create puts something into the world. Everything you feel puts something into the world. This awareness is the start - so you can choose to start changing your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs.

I think the ripple effect is really important concept, because so many of us – sometimes even myself – are just generating so much negativity into the world, or we are wasting so much time not pursuing our true dreams and goals. WE HAVE A LIFE TIME TO SPEND LIVING< WHY NOT SPEND IT DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

NO ONE is pressuring us to keep living a life that we don’t want. When we do, we hold onto negativity, pain, anger, boredom and more – and we become complacent and feel like we are not living the life we should have.

It starts with YOU… I want you to ponder the ripple effect you are creating in your life…… There is no right or wrong answer… it’s about what you want!

It doesn’t have to be big changes which can be over whelming and outside your comfort zone.

As everything is interlinked in life, we only have to be brave enough to take the first, maybe very small step. This maybe going for a 10 minute walk. Feeling the wonderful effect, we may soon go for a 20 minute walk. Or maybe we say Yes to something, rather than No. The possibilities are endless. The more we do it the more comfortable it becomes, and we will start to see change. Before we know it we are initiating change within ourselves and creating our own ripple.

I want to help others go after their dreams whole heartedly - and that’s my ripple effect, to inspire those who cross my path, just as others inspire me when they cross mine.

This is the beginning my ripple in the world…. For world Peace.


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