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Individual Coaching - I can help you with any of the following

•Self Esteem and Confidence

•Help for Woman

•Stress Management

•Time Management

•Searching for direction and purpose

•Stuck in the wrong job

•Farming and Succession

•And much more, if there is something else you would like me to focus on, please get in touch so we can work together.

What I offer;

One on one - in person coaching in a safe and comfortable space. Or Telephone Coaching/Skype Coaching for those who live in other parts of the country, all coaching sessions are tailored to suit your needs.

My holistic approach:

Is all about recognising and accepting that every single person out there is a unique and amazing individual. That we all have our own personality, perceptions, thoughts, experiences, and views of the world. It is about looking at each client’s life as a whole. Then helping them to create their own balance in every area of their life in order for them to achieve their desired results.

Help for Woman

Are you unsure where your life is heading?

Are you feeling over-whelmed? With all the goings on in your world?

Have your children grown up and left home and your wondering whats next?

Do you not feel sexy anymore?

Life and all it has to offer - Let your dreams become your reality

Just imagine what your life would be like when you take hold of that very thing that is holding you back.

What would you do? How would you be? What would change? What would you like help with? 

Time Management

Do you manage your time well? Many of us, if we’re completely honest, struggle to do this. We often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or overloaded, staying late at work or taking work home with us just to try to keep up.

Time is our most precious resource!

What time we have used we cannot get back.

Would you like to get a grip on your time management? Fine ways to manage task, people and situations better?


Farming and your future.... Farming is continually changing and evolving, and we as farmers have to evolve with the times, with new technology and rules and regulations and compliance all becoming a great a part of our farming businesses.... what does farming look like for you? Farming and the future for your family and loved ones.... What does this look like, explore ideas, angles... what do you want the future to look like ?

Change of Scene

Do you feel stuck/lost? And in-side you’re just waiting for something more or bigger and better?

Do you find it tricky to make time to look after yourself and put everyone else first?

Do you have big life goals and plans for yourself? And put off your own happiness until you achieve them?

Well, I want to help YOU make the changes to your life to help YOU create long-lasting change to bring happiness, fulfillment, and love into your life right NOW!

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