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To all the MUM'S out there,


We love you and appreciate all you do! You are so valued.


I thought I would take a minute to Celebrate my Mum and all Mum's out there.


What ever your job title - Home Maker, Stay-at-home Mum, House wife, Mother - Why is it society undermine these woman who's job is Running the House-hold.


I started thinking about all the “jobs” that mum's do in their our lives. For all the many roles you play in our lives at all stages.


All your hard work and dedication - to all your jobs as a mum have not gone unnoticed.


Juggling so many balls - for a 24/7 job - lead caregiver, organizing meals - nutrition, logistics, transport, school, sports, activities, brownies,entertainment, caring for other family members, helping in the community, sick days- just to name a few - All of which requires lots of creativity, negotiation and planning and lots of patience.


Mum's really are wonder woman - To do what they do with Lots of Love and the patience of a saint.


How can we change others attitudes so that all the mum's out there get the true value they deserve?

We are all guilty at under valuing ourselves, and defining work as something you go off to do and get paid for each day, which in turn undervalues what Mum's out there are doing.


So to the Mum's (and dad's) out there who are running the house-hold, take pride in what you do - all in a days work - You are amazing!


Here is a list of some Funny Job titles of all the things you do as a Mum.


Household CEO

Masters & PhD in Patience

Familial Law Enforcer

Non-TV Activity Coordinator

English Language Educator

Playground / Kiss it Better- Medic/ Nurse

President of Waste Management

Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator

Toddler Tantrum & Anger Management Specialist

Play-date Social Secretary

Manners Expert & Personal Shopper

Fashion Stylist & Consultant, Teacher, Imagination Studies

Personal Chauffeur & Expert Driver


Birthday Party Planner

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