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Stress...... in the busy and hectic world we all live in these days Stress can be a big factor of our happiness. It’s could be Work, finances , the Job we have verses the one we want, the hours we work, supporting our family, our lifestyles goals all with in the the limitation of time- there is never enough TIME- be it a hour, day, a week, month or year!

Life can be jam packed!

Please remember to Forgive yourself, forgive others, don’t compare yourself with others , and always see YOUR good side! We are all amazing and unique!

So how can we minimise and manage STRESS in our lives;

1: Understand the stresses - what is causing the stresses, accept that some (causes of stress) can’t be changed.

2: Change your Perception - alter your view- your thoughts, values and expectations- raise you confidence.

3. Improve you physical response - work a lowering you physical response by improving excercise, rest, sleep, meditation, eating choices etc

4. Improve your emotional Response- work on not dwelling on negative feelings and to develops new friendships.

5. Improve your behavioural reaction - learning new skills, develop personal and interpersonal skills- continue learning, take up study, And work on better Time Management.


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